Friday, November 14, 2008

Mastitis updates

Because the lumps are not going away and it still hurts while nursing and breastfeeding, I went to see the infamous Dr. Koe this morning and I was really impressed with her. I’ve heard about her over 3 years ago but never needed to see her till today. All this while, I thought she was only a Lactation Consultant but I found out this morning online that she’s a Pediatrician cum Lactation Consultant. I was thinking of going alone after dropping Rye Li off the daycare but when I found out she was also a Paed, I brought along Haye Li and MIL.

And it was a good thing I brought Haye Li as not only my visitation is under her name but Dr. Koe corrected on how I’ve been breastfeeding Haye Li all this while. She is so patient and really spent her time with us. Think we spent a good 45 minutes with her and she only charged me RM81 (which RM56 was my antibiotics and I also had a eye drop for the girl’s eye discharge which she had since she was born). So much cheaper than SJMC I must say! I’m thinking now of bringing the girls to her for their jabs but if any emergencies of flu and fever, SJMC is still nearer to our place.

I felt good walking out from Dr Koe’s clinic, as if I’ve achieved something. I must recommend for any moms who are not confident in breastfeeding to see her, something I regretted not doing with Rye Li!

I’m going to digress a bit….on the way to my car from the clinic, we passed several coffee shops with many hawker outlets and I had good whiffed of Char Kuey Teow (Fried Flat noodles) and it smelled damn good! I don’t fancy this at all during normal times but I guess this is what 3 weeks of confinement does to you! I know what I will be looking for in a week’s time! :D


Anonymous said...

She sounds fabulous! I'm sure you'll get it right now and do call/visit her again if you don't eh?

Breastfeeding should be a breeze...

Btw, I found it easier breastfeeding Lucas as a baby when he was swaddled up because he was easier to cradle. Plus, his hands didn't get in the way.

All the best and hugs, hugs, hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm glad you got antibiotics for your Mastitis. Haiz..such bad luck, hor? But I'm sure you will be feeling better after a week. I'm sure the good doc has already inform you about letting the baby suckle on the infected boob. You're very lucky that you didn't need IV drip to get that fever down. Mind was way too scary. Anyway, am glad you're heading towards to recovery.

And, more week of confinement for you. After that, FREEDOM! Yay!